Library Services

Library Services Membership

To get the library service, one has to start by being the member of the library. The library has both internal and external members. Internal members are nurse Educators, students and other staff members including the Hospital staff.

External Members: currently the library external users who pay the membership of M200.00 for a period of a year and currently they are the formal students of the college because the library does not have an open-door policy for it to allow the public to use the library.

Circulation Desk

The Library also has a circulation desk where the library staff do the face to face support to users and circulation desk is where the library collection is controlled especially the issuing and returning of items.

Paid Services

  1. Printing
  2. Scanning
  3. Photocopying

Please ask for help from any member of library staff

Free Services

  1. Wi-fi
  2. Membership registration (for internal members)
  3. Book loan
  4. Reading Room
  5. Computer Room

Rules and Regulation

Silence: must be strictly observed in the library therefore discussions are not permitted.

Mobile phones: and other sound-emitting devices must be turned off or silent mode before admission to library

Items: should not be left unattended because the library will not be responsible for the safe keeping and any loss/damage of such items

Reservation of seats in the library shall not be permitted. Books and any other any other articles left unattended on chairs or tables or more than 30 minutes maybe removed by any library staff member.

Do not bring any eatables and drinks to the library

Not moving of furnitures / equipment from where they are without permission from the library staff

Knives, guns and any other sharp objects are not allowed

Do not write, mark or underline in library reading materials

Do not use library computers/network for non-academic purpose.

Co-operate with library staff.

Fines and Penalties

-Fines and other penalties for the infringement of any library regulations shall be charged.

-General rate for overdue fines fines are outlined as follows

Fines For Items From Shelves


1 book = M2.00 per day for 1st week

M3.00 Per day for next 2nd week

M5.00 Per day for 4th week

Others Users:

1 book = M2.50 per day for 1st week

M3.50 Per day for next 2nd week

M5.50 Per day for 4th week

Lost Material

-A user who loses the library material will pay the amount equal to the one used to buy it or buy new copy and give it to the library to replace the lost one.


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