Programmes Offered

The College offers two programmes, that is Diploma in General Nursing which is a three year programme and Diploma in Midwifery which is a post basic programme that runs for a year.

Level 1st Semester 2nd semester
1STLEVEL Name of course Course code Name of course Course code
Anatomy & Physiology BAS 103-A Anatomy & Physiology BAS 103-B
Microbiology & Parasitology BAS 104 Professional Nursing Practice NUR 100-B
Sociology BSC 100 General Psychology BSC 101
Professional Nursing Practice NUR 100-A Growth & Development NUR 102
Physics and Chemistry BAS 100 Clinical Nursing NUR 103
Pharmacology BAS 105-A Pharmacology BAS 105-B
Practicum NUR 101-A Practicum NUR 101-B
2NDLEVEL Professional Practice in Nursing NUR 200 Nutrition BAS 201
HIV&AIDS NUR 207 Sociology BSC 201
Community Health & Epidemiology NUR 201 Clinical Nursing NUR 204
Nursing care of the child NUR 202 Introduction to Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing NUR 205
Emergence Preparedness & Disaster Nursing NUR 203 Biostatistics NUR 206
Practicum NUR 205 Practicum NUR 208
3RDLEVEL Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing of the Adult NUR 301 Nursing Care of the Elderly NUR 302
Clinical Nursing NUR 309 Introduction to Obstetrics & Family Health NUR 305
Introduction to Nursing Research NUR 304 Ethical & Legal Issues, Trends in Nursing NUR 308
Management in Nursing & Health Care NUR 306 Community Health Nursing  NUR 303
Psychiatric Mental Health nursing of the Child & Adolescent NUR 307    
Practicum NUR 310-A    
Preconception & Prenatal Management MID 100 Labour, Childbirth & Peurperium MID 103B
Labour, Childbirth & Peurperium MID 103A Community Health Related to Midwifery MID 105
Care of the Neonate & Infant MID 104 Research Project MID 106
HIV & AIDS in Childbearing MID 108 Management, Professional Practice& Ethical Aspects in Midwifery MID 107
Practicum MID 109A Practicum MID 109B


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